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Evil Spirits / Negativity

EVIL EYE AND VEDIC ASTROLOGY Have you ever thought about an evil eye at any stage in your life? The evil eye is a disgusting or a dirty look by someone which creates a real bad effect on your mind that you experience something worst in life. It makes you insecure and upset. The worst thoughts come into your mind. You get scared and start thinking. The evil eye is treated as a curse or a bad feeling.


You have both positive and negative energies in you. It is a proven fact that food or water, when blessed, heals. But negative feelings or energy when directed towards you have the ability to affect you through many sources. This negative energy can result in unfortunate outcomes for you, your family or your business. We can say that evil-eye is a stream of negative energy which affects a person or object on which it is directed. The person under the influence of evil eye gets these negative energies which result in illness, insecurity and failures which can’t be cured medically.


Due to the wrong placement of stars and planets in your horoscope, you can easily fall prey to evil eye and become the object of jealousy. According to astrologers your planets, houses and their relative placements indicate your susceptibility levels. Planetary time periods and sub-periods called ‘Dashas’, mahadasha and ‘Bhuktis’ influence your well-being and the ease with which you are subject to these energy attacks. Our Vedic Astrology tells about certain Dasha-Bhukti planetary combinations which could be difficult periods for you and it also tells about some prescribed ways to overcome these malefic combinations to ensure your health and wealth doesn’t suffer. Astrologers say that evil eye problems are due to the major and minor planetary conditions that you are running currently. If Rahu is major and Saturn is minor in your horoscope you can easily get affected by an evil eye. The influence of Saturn mainly during the malefic seven and half years of influence known as “Sade Sate” can be an important reason. Connect with SK Shastri Ji and get the best solution to eradicate the black spells &the negativity being casted upon you with the safest and effective means.